HZTL DX+ is located on the 4th floor of the Mall of America. To access the 4th floor, you’ll need to take either the East or South elevator to the 4th floor.

The JW Marriott is attached to the Mall of America. However, the elevator that will take you to the fourth floor is about a 3-minute walk away.

Follow these instructions to get to the venue:

  1. Start on the 1st floor of the Mall of America
  2. Head east towards the rotunda
  3. Take the elevator to the fourth floor
  4. You arrive!

The Radisson is attached to the Mall of America. The elevator directly outside of the skyway to MOA from the hotel will take you to the 4th floor.

Follow these instructions to get to the venue:

  1. Walk through the skyway connecting the Radisson and MOA
  2. Take the elevator to the 4th floor
  3. When you exit, take a left and walk towards the east parking ramp.
  4. You arrive!

Parking is free at the Mall of America. When you arrive, follow the signs for the East Parking Ramp. For easiest access to the HZTL DX+ Conference, park in the east ramp on level 5 or 6. Once you park, use the middle skyway to enter the 4th floor of the mall. As you walk in, you’ll see the HZTL DX+ Conference.


You will check in the morning of day 1. At registration, you will receive a name badge for the event. It is crucial to wear this badge at all times during your attendance at HZTL DX+ to facilitate our ability to identify registered attendees. If you misplace your badge at any point, please visit the registration desk to obtain a replacement. Please note that individuals without a badge will be kindly requested to leave the event. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Registration hours

October 5th – 8:00am-9:30am

October 6th – 8:00am-9:00am

Mother’s rooms can be found at Central Parkway (Level 1 and Level 2 North) and near the Level 1 East Entrance. The nearest one to HZTL DX+ is located on the first level, close to the east entrance. For specific directions, please refer to the Mall of America directory.

The Mall of America's security department comprises multiple specialized units and offers a range of unique resources and programs that have demonstrated their effectiveness. If you encounter any issues or have questions while at the Mall of America, please don't hesitate to call them at 952.883.8888.

This event is exclusively for HZTL DX+ attendees. We will conduct check-ins at the venue to ensure that we adhere to the venue's capacity requirements.

To expedite your registration process, visit the Horizontal booth at Sitecore DX on October 4th, and we will provide you with your event wristband in advance.

7801 Audubon Rd, Chanhassen, MN 55317

Paisley Park is approximately a 25-minute drive from the Mall of America. Horizontal will be offering shuttle services to and from Paisley Park, departing from the Radisson Blu at the Mall of America. If you opt to arrange your own transportation, please do so responsibly.

The shuttles will depart from the front of the Radisson Blu at the following times:




The shuttles will depart the party and head back to the Radisson at the following times:






When Sitecore made the unexpected announcement that Symposium wouldn't be taking place this year, it caught many of us off guard. Symposium isn't merely an event; it is a time for connections, sharing, inspiration, and learning about the platform's latest capabilities.

Subsequently, when Sitecore revealed their plans to organize a one-day DX event right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we saw an opportunity to do more. We decided to extend the 1-day DX event and step in to fill the void left by Symposium with the HZTL DX+ conference.

Coinciding with SUGCON for developers during the same week, it seemed like the perfect occasion to host an event aimed at business leaders, marketers, and decision-makers. Our objective is to take the foundation of the 1-day Sitecore event and expand it into a comprehensive 3-day conference solely dedicated to the art of cultivating connected customer experiences using the Sitecore platform.

DX is on October 4th and is a one-day event, brought to you by Sitecore, that provides attendees with information on Sitecore’s product suite and roadmap plans.

HZTL DX+ is the two days following Sitecore DX (October 5th-6th) and will provide an immersive exploration of the new Sitecore product roadmap. Encompassing everything from XM Cloud and OrderCloud to Content Hub, we’ll break down the composable product suite into bite-sized, easily digestible learning opportunities.

Both of these event's center around all things Sitecore, yet they cater to distinct groups of individuals.

The HZTL DX+ event is customized to suit the needs of business leaders, marketers, and decision makers. Spanning two days, the primary focus will be on presenting tangible use cases for optimizing Sitecore's capabilities, turning insights into comprehensive business strategies.

SUGCON provides valuable opportunities to learn and demonstrate methods for implementing, deploying and using Sitecore products. Horizontal is proud to be sponsoring SUGCON and our developers will actively participate in the event. See the SUGCON agenda here: https://na.sugcon.events/Sessions

HZTL DX+ will be hosted at the Mall of America, attached to the Radisson Blu, where Sitecore DX is being hosted. We have rented a space on the 4th floor of the Mall of America for both days.

The registration package encompasses full access to the complete event, comprising both mainstage presentations and breakout sessions. Additionally, attendees will enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch, along with a happy hour on Thursday evening.

Furthermore, your registration grants you admission to the exclusive HZTL DX+ concert at Paisley Park, the private estate of the legendary Prince.

In collaboration with Sitecore, we have taken careful measures to ensure a cost-effective and smoothly coordinated opportunity for expansion alongside their DX event. All attendees of Sitecore DX, HZTL DX+, or SUGCON can conveniently stay at any of the listed hotels, enabling easy access to all the scheduled events.

If you are having trouble securing lodging for the event, please reach out to hztldxplus@horizontal.com and we can help you find something in the area.

No, this is a fully in-person event.

Yes, because Sitecore has their own event management system, you’ll need to register for the free one-day event through their registration portal.

All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to the HZTL DX+ support desk. For a full refund of the event registration fees, cancellation notices must be received by 11:59pm (CST) on Friday September 15th 2023. Cancellation notices received between 12:00am CST on Saturday September 16th 2023, and 11:59pm CST on Friday September 22nd 2023 will be processed at 50% of the Event registration fees. No refunds will be processed for cancellation notices received after 12:00am CST on Saturday September 23rd 2023.

Substitution requests will be processed free of charge if submitted in writing to the HZTL DX+ support desk by 11:59pm CST on Friday September 22nd 2023. Substitution requests after this date are subject to a USD $100 transaction fee.

Horizontal is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. In accordance with local state and city guidelines, we are currently not requiring proof of vaccination or implementing a testing protocol for our event. This is always subject to change.

You can email hztldxplus@horizontal.com for any additional questions/requests.